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a frog the size of texas

February 10th, 2009

10:43 am

If you're between jobs right now, the Census Bureau is recruiting for temp workers for the census.

09:55 pm - *cough*

Am getting sick. myrialux laid lower than I am - he's got fever and body aches, but I have utterly avoided that and have just coughing and tiredness. He also says that he gets sick like this once or twice a year. So no clue if it's flu or not. Plz not to be asking flu-shot questions* or leaving helpful comments about orange juice** and water because I either already know about them or am not doing them anyway.

I am not surprised about a lack of fever in me, as I don't actually get fevers except in the most extreme of circumstances. I haven't had one over 100.3 since I was in highschool, and that was way far long ago.

It's also probably not con crud as of my coworkers***, one is out with something suspiciously similar to this, and the other is starting to exhibit symptoms. I suspect if it's con crud, I was a vector of it and not a mere recipient.

Am also eating like a pig, as is myrialux. :D I'm going to attempt work tomorrow as I ahve a performance review, but if I ahve to go home, it'll be by the grocery store so I can stock up on Tune Helper and other low-work foods.

Anyway. Con. Most of it covered in the text messages. Yes, lots of people not recognizing Saiyuki. I could tell this, because they'd turn to those prints in the portfolio and say "I don't recognize this show." Most of them were younger, yes.

Matt from Death Note. I got asked several times for him, and when I started a sketch to eventually transfer to marker paper and color, someone bought it from me right after I finished outlining the major lines in Sharpie so I could see it through the marker paper. XD So I did another one, and managed to get it to marker stage, whereupon someone bought it. And after that, someone else came by who'd seen it being colored and was disappointed that it had already sold.


* I was out sick the day they administered them at work and failed to figure out where else I could get one. Yeah, I know. Let's not discuss it.

** Too acidic for my stomach on a normal day, much less when it's been made rumbly and annoyed by sinus drainage.

*** Who I am fairly sure *did* get the flu shot, actually, so it's probably not flu or it's a strain not covered in the shot this year.
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