February 17th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Still tired due to taking a cough medicine with an antihistamine before bed which put me to sleep heavily enough that I didn't wake up coughing*, which meant I slept the sleep of the drugged and didn't get real rest. I am willing to accept this, as it meant my airways got several hours' rest and as the doctor explained it to me once, my coughing is a result of reactive airways, which are irritated and make me cough, which irritates them more and makes me cough more, in a vicious circle that lasts for a few weeks after a cold. Any rest is my airways NOT getting irritated and getting a chance to heal.

Plus also humidifier. Yaay for humidifier!

I don't have actual content because my life is not much else other than SICK SICK FACEHUGGERKITTEN SICK and waking up having half-constructed a review of God Stalk in my sleep. so you are all forced to read through my wiffling on about sickness, if you haven't scrolled on by already. :)

* Although the face-hugger kitten woke me up at 5:30 anyway. Today he really wanted to burrow his face so close to mine that he was breathing the air I exhaled. Which meant that I was breathing the air he exhaled and it took about three seconds before I was ARGH GRARH OXYGEN PLZ as the pillow and his body effectively blocked the rest of my air intake.