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a frog the size of texas

February 18th, 2009

10:46 am - SO TRUE

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

11:07 am

I've forgotten who and where on my f-list was bemoaning the lack of books with non-Holocaust Jewish themes when they were kids*, but if it was you and you don't read the Smart Bitches, they mention a free book subscription service that sends one book with a Jewish-themed bedtime story per month to each kid registered.

* Mind you, I think it was young adult books and not kids' books that were the subject of the discussion, but it's a nifty service anyway.

03:21 pm - Stats

I haven't been posting much on the search engine terms that leads to my sites and the like, because it seems to spur you guys to try to jimmy my results*, but I have to share this search string that found projectbluerose.com:
anime girls stuck in glue
My only comfort is that it would have led directly to the page where I describe THAT CREEPY GUY.

* Which I'm using to try to figure out real things, like how to get people to the site, whether it's worth it to sell ads, etc. so you can see where this is a problem.

10:07 pm

My boy's growing up! Sora's getting big now. His head isn't growing at quite the same rate as the rest of him, so he looks adorably teeny-headed, but his body's almost as long as Nefer's and he's really leggy right now. Ears and paws still huge, and tail still long.

Sorry, no pics yet as my camera is still in the bag with the artist alley stuff I haven't unpacked from Ikkicon yet. XD

He's still a kitten in some ways, however, as I have now taken to calling him STINKY POO BOY because he periodically manages to step in his own poo in the litterbox and then does things like JUMP ON MY SHIRT. Hopefully he will gain some sense soon.

He still likes to fall asleep on my boobs in the evening and sleep so soundly that his head falls backwards really far.

... He jumped up on the desk and I asked him if he had anything to say to y'all and he very carefully stepped over the keyboard and jumped off again. I think you've been snubbed.
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10:53 pm - Nailing down what I'm looking for...

Just trying to nail down what the heck I'm currently looking for in a book, as I've again recently spent fruitless time in a bookstore not finding anything that resonates. Doesn't mean I won't enjoy other books, just means that it's not what I'm actively looking for. Annoyingly, I'll probably have to write the bloody thing to read it. (ETA: And you're perfectly welcome to talk about that, too, if you have anything to say. XD I'm not just looking for recs.)

cut for boringCollapse )

That's it for the moment. As I come up with more elements that I want to read about, I'll add them.
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