February 24th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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I love cheetahs, and was happy to read the BBC article about a rare cheetah captured on film. Although I have to say that their build - specialized for sprinting - is always a little freaky and off-kilter just enough that when I see a cheetah in profile, as in the picture at the end of the article, it would totally not surprise me if it had a human profile.
Near - que?


Anyone here know of a Wordpress plugin that will allow you to sort posts by something other than title or date? Preferably a custom field? I'm begining to suspect I may have to write the bloody thing myself.

Context: the ConDFW website. Note how the guest and panelist names sort by first name? It's because they're in WP posts, which can sort only by title or date. Which is rather annoying, although something we can deal with for now. And we reeeeeally don't want to sort by going in and changing the dates to jigger the sorting. :P
Yachiru - happy smiley


Today I got my car title in the mail: I own it free and clear! I also had a small surprise: turns out I overpaid slightly on my car, so they sent me a refund check.

It is for seven cents.