February 27th, 2009

Near - que?

Book rec time!

The last time I asked for recs, having $20 in Amazon gift certificates, I never actually got around to buying the books. Which is good, because it now means I have $60 in Amazon gift certificates. :D

And Amazon is having a 4-for-3 sale, so I'm especially looking for paperback books.

My previous list of elements I'm currently looking for in a book needs to have a couple of things added on: no shapeshifting as I have a weird, bizarre Thing against that*, and no anthropomorphic animals**, ditto.

ETA: I know I'm known 'round these parts for manga, but I'm not actually reading too many right now ad not willing to take on new series unless they're stunningly good, because it takes me about 20 minutes to read one volume, and I almost never feel like I got my money's worth. I want something I can sink into for a couple of hours (yes, I read damn fast, when it engages my attention).

* OK, I've read some books with shapeshifting and liked them, but they really need to have other things I'm looking for as prominent parts of the book, to make up for the shapeshifting. Yeah, I'm weird. I know.

** Ditto as for shapeshifting. I have to admit that ursulav's book Black Dogs Part One: The House of Diamond is exactly the sort of book I'm looking for, except that there exists both anthropomorphic animals and inadvertent shapeshifting. However, Vernon's quirky sense of humor, plot, and ineffable something hits me in exactly the right ways.
Saiyuki - drinking

Let us all raise a glass...

...to the late, unlamented oekaki board I used to run on magatsu.net. I logged in to take a look around for the first time in ages and noted to my horror that the comments had been hit by spambots so hard that it was easier to just torch the whole board than to delete them.

I did save a copy of the board files and the MySQL database contents so that anything on it can be recovered with a bit of rummaging, although I suspect it won't be necessary. :)