March 2nd, 2009

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Day 2 of attempt to stop eating so much sweet stuff, which includes diet soda.*

Naturally, one of the upstairs employees just sent out an email saying she's selling candy bars as part of a fundraiser for her son's prom. :/

* The theory, which I am probably messing up, being that the sweet taste revs your body to expect the calorie load from sugar and when it doesn't get the actual load ... er, something I forgot, which results in your body craving even more sweets. I don't know if that's behind my constant craving for sweets or not, but it's worth a try. Plus, and more to the point, I am tired of spending money on diet soda.
Mello - bite my ass

And one more thing...

Back in library school, when I was considering switching my concentration from digital imaging over to information systems, I was not-so-gently discouraged by the prof in charge of that*. He asked why I'd like to do so, and one of the reasons I gave him was that I liked working with IT people. He frowned at that, and said that no, I wouldn't be working with IT people even if I switched.

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* I have no idea why. It certainly wasn't a gender thing, as that area, like all areas in the department, was about 2/3 women.
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I has some!

I had a huge craving for sticky rice yesterday, and remembered in enough time to set it on to soak for a full 8 hours before it needed to be cooked, so I made two Thai dishes for myrialux and I last night, with an eye to lunch leftovers. With what is probably the wimpiest Thai curry EVAR, as I have absolutely no tolerance for chile heat whatsoever.

I made this Panang curry paste with ONE, count 'em, ONE fresh chile instead of 8-10 dried, ginger instead of galangal as Central Markup didn't have galangal this trip (sadly, they usually do), and no peanuts as I didn't buy them.

I used it in this stir fry pork, made with pork shoulder instead of pork belly (I asked the butcher for the fattiest cut of pork he had XD), and neither the chile in oil nor the Thai chile peppers, and it was just this side of edible for me - I can eat about one modest serving, and then all of a sudden it's too much and I start to get sick to my stomach.

I also cooked this Penang chicken curry dish with 2 tablespoons instead of 3 of the curry paste, and a full pound of chicken. And it was perfect.