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a frog the size of texas

March 4th, 2009

08:46 am

My tea ball fell apart in my tea this morning, and a coworker came down to ask why he couldn't see the website after my boss sent out an email explaining that he was rebooting the server and the site would be down for a few minutes.

Hopefully this doesn't presage the rest of the day.

09:28 am

Well, I managed to completely mix up today and tomorrow's schedules and the meeting I thought I had this morning isn't until tomorrow. Um, yay?

Link roundup:

RaceFail '09 is going in for yet another epic bout of fail (link roundup at rydra_wong if you're morbidly curious), but a suggestion by coffeeandink prompted troubleinchina to create promote (see comments) Team Fandom over at Kiva.org, which I've joined. Kiva is a charity that organizes micro-loans for people in developing countries. If you join, you can find an entrepreneur with a project to donate towards (in $25 increments, Paypal accepted), and then over the months they pay it back. As they pay it back, you get the money back into your Kiva account, where you can either withdraw it or loan it out again. I like loaning to women, and to residents of Tanzania, because I used to live there, so two of my three active loans are to Tanzanian women.

ciderpress is calling for submissions to the first Asian Women Blog Carnival.

Deadline is March 16th, but Beacon Press is planning a graphic-novel adaptation of OCtavia Butler's Kindred, and is seeking an illustrator.

A Dalek was found in a pond in Hampshire.

And I got my GINORMOUS BOOK ORDER FROM AMAZON yesterday. If I get around to it, I may post the titles which, as usual, are mostly not the books that were recced to me. (But I do have a lot of those on my wishlist, guys! I do appreciate the recs and those who took the time to give them to me! If I don't read them now, I may read them later, and I'll remember the titles when I see them again.)

08:34 pm

This is actually a comment I dropped in veejane's LJ, on this post, reacting to RaceFail '09. My comment is mostly thinking out loud about the con I staff and programming, and may not make sense if you ahvne't read the post.

(RaceFail '09 timeline by rydra_wong here, and oyceter has a good summation of how this hurts everyone here.)
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