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a frog the size of texas

March 7th, 2009

11:50 am

Saw Watchmen last night at the 10:10 showing (at the Studio Movie Grill because myrialux is a snob about what theatres he'll go to :D). Got to bed about 2. Set alarm for 10, was woken up temporarily at 7 by a catfight on top of my feet, but a short, sharp, kick took care of that.* Now at work from 11-8. *yawn*

I enjoyed Watchmen. Not enough to sit in a movie theatre seat for 3 hours to watch it again, but I'm not glad that somebody else paid full price for it.

* Under the covers. I don't want to hurt them or me. :D It's the surprise interrupting the fight more than anything else.

11:56 am

More information on the LJ community hackers. Short version: Hotmail recycles addresses, hackers gain entry into Hotmail, then gain entry to LJ and change your password and lock you out of your own journal. If you ever used a Hotmail address to sign up for LJ, then go into Email mangement and delete it. It's good practice to go in and clean off your old addresses as well.

ETA; Also? The journals written in Cyrillic that keep friending people? Bots. Nobody's quite sure what they do. I probably don't have to tell you this, but do not friend them back.

12:41 pm


02:21 pm - !!!!!!!

EEEE! I got a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt! :D Thanks for notifying me, nightambre!

As you can see, it's not like I'm going to be catching up on my DA comments anytime soon. XD

04:42 pm

One of the good things to come out of RaceFail '09, verb_noire, the movement to create a small press featuring works with characters of color, is now ready for donations. (Someone sent me $10 today from the Paypal button I put up on the marital quiz. I figured it was Meant to Be and kicked it on to verb_noire. :D)

06:43 pm

Another Saiyuki drama CD translation. This one's from a hot spring where Sanzo's gotten drunk and started to dance.
[Gojyo]: Sanzo?
[Hakkai]: Ah! A bottle of saké… Two, four, six… (sigh) He’s emptied 11 bottles.
[Sanzo]: (drunk) I’m Sannnnzooooo……
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