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a frog the size of texas

March 13th, 2009

02:17 pm - SaveTheWords.org

I have just discovered the existence of SaveTheWords.org, where you can adopt words that are in danger of falling out of the dictionary. Adopting them means you promise to use them as much as possible, and you get a snazzy electronic certificate.

The word I ahve adopted? aporrhoea, a bodily emanation or effluvium. Yes, Virginia, it means con funk. :)

(Turn the sound on when you're at the page to hear the words begging you to adopt them.)

02:40 pm

The Big Picture today has shots of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors, which people celebrate in part by throwing or smearing colors on each other.

It's wonderful to see a collection of photos in which everyone looks so happy.

04:00 pm - Japanese-reading peeps...

ETA; Got it, thanks!

I'm listing some doujinshi on eBay right now, and if it were possible for someone to read the cover of this one and tell me what the (a) circle name is, and the (b) title is, (plus any other info you can glean) for this one, that would be AWESOMECAKES.

The scan isn't great because the title is on a metallic background. I can try to take a better photo, if that helps:

Front: http://magatsu.net/doujinshi/bleach/WeekendOnly001.jpg - it's repeated on the back in white. The subtitle is teeeeny, so I'll try to take a picture of it. (eta; it's repeated inside in black on white; am downloading photo now)

Back: http://magatsu.net/doujinshi/bleach/WeekendOnly002.jpg (I'm really not sure what to make of the English info on the back, any guidance appreciated.)

10:21 pm - Doujinshi!

I've just put 4 Death Note and 6 Bleach doujinshi up on eBay. PLEASE feel free to pass the word around!


Dizzy Melon Death Note PARANOIA

Marukichi Death Note NEKROMANTIK

Death Note Dizzy Melon NEARLY DEAD

Death Note Dizzy Melon WAMMY'S ANGELS

-- BLEACH --


Bleach Love Drop CYNICISM

Bleach Love Drop BLEACH NO. 2 Renji x Rukia

Bleach Love Drop YOAKEBOSHI No. 14

Bleach Shirogane Nazuna Tei GIN x IZURU No 11

Bleach Viva! Soul Society! FIRST CONTACT
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