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a frog the size of texas

March 14th, 2009

12:15 am - Aaaaart

OKAY. I declare the greyscale portion dooooooone. On to color next time!

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03:53 pm

Is there a list somewhere of characters of color in anime and manga/manhwa? Excluding Japanese in manga and Korean in manhwa, of course, as they default to those ethnicities unless otherwise marked. :)

(If not, feel free to start listing - it's mostly for my own reference for potential fanart - fanart is a good way for me to practice new techniques and stuff, as I don't have to go to the trouble of creating a character and I have less emotional investment in the picture, so if I screw it up, then I don't feel as bad as if I screwed up an original. And I'm still attempting to paint more non-white people, since my gallery is pretty damn white. :))

I could search for myself, but I think if I do I'll end up hyper-focusing on that and right now I need to finish the Matsumoto picture, not start thinking of future pictures.

08:45 pm

Oh yeah - in my previous post, that asks about characters of color in manga/manhwa and anime? You can add games to that, too. :) (Disabling comments here so I can keep all replies in that post, so they're in one spot.)

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