March 15th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer


Sora was actually PLAYING FETCH!

I was working on kanzashi tonight, and myrialux was over, performing his mandate of entertaining Sora so he'd leave me alone. myrialux was teasing Sora with his favorite toy - the long stick with feathers on the end.

We've already established that when Sora wants to play with it and you, he'll drag it over and deposit it somewhere near you*. myrialux threw it across the room to get Sora away from him so he could rip another CD on his laptop, and Sora ... dragged it back. So myrialux threw it again. Sora dragged it back. This occurred five or six times before myrialux threw it in a different direction and Sora got distracted. :) Here's hoping he does it again!

No, no video or pics yet, so don't ask. :)

* Although he doesn't quite understand that if you are, say, asleep, you might not notice the stick. I've woken up next to it a time or two.