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a frog the size of texas

March 16th, 2009

09:43 am

Watched Sukiyaki Western Django with myrialux Saturday night. Lush, gorgeous costumes and art direction. Plot - nothing you haven't seen before. Attitude: hipster. Basically a remake of Yojimbo crossed with spaghetti Westerns like Django, set in an AU where the Japanese have settled the American West. At least that's how *I* explain why it's set in Nevada and the two warring gangs are the Heike and the Genji. :) It was shot in English, and several of the minor characters' actors have that "I have learned my lines phonetically!" thing happening, but the major actors are much more fluent, and your ear gets used to it very quickly.

It was also about 20 minutes too long. Oh well. But I loved the mixture of Western and Japanese elements, and the inversion of the Mysterious Foreign Sensei being Western (well, Quentin Tarantino, in a minor role). (We're not discussing the gender roles, however. :/) And the visuals are gorgeous. I am tempted to pick up the DVD for that. I wouldn't sit and watch the whole movie again, but I'd be willing to dip in here and there

Anyone who's seen it and knows something about Japanese literature/theatre - Tarantino's lines in the opening: are they from something? They had that feel, although I admit I was only paying half attention as I was also making kanzashi at the time. (ETA: Opening paragraph from the Tale of the Heike, thanks, keelieinblack!)

12:29 pm - Well, let me start!

keelieinblack posts:
...why hasn't someone turned this into a meme, come to think of it? 'Choose your favorite historical personage who should have their life/death/exploits adapted into a manga'--with bonus points for picking the mangaka, or adding extra off-the-wall details (mecha, dragons, zombie dogs), or putting it in a Recycled In Space! setting.
And I shall start by quoting something I posted in a review of The Haunted: A Social History of Ghosts, instead of coming up with something new:
And in a late section, on ghost hunters, he mentions in passing the Cornish folklorist William Henry Paynter, who zipped around the county with Prince Birabonge Bhanubandh in the Prince's sports car investigating hauntings. Now there's a manga waiting to happen!
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01:56 pm - A Better Mousetrap

So, what happens when a mouse decides to invade the house of a nocturnal engineer? Find out!

09:57 pm - Sora playing fetch!

Note how he keeps an eye on Nefer. Because she's so likely to want to steal his feathers onna stick. (Occasionally he growls at her when he's got it. XD)
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