March 17th, 2009

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If you haven't heard, the SciFi Channel is yet again distancing themselves from their core demographic in an attempt to find more viewers somewhere*, and doing so by rebranding themselves as "Syfy." You read that correctly.

Perhaps appropriately - as it turns out, in Polish "syfy" refers to venereal disease.

(Via John Scalzi's blog, wherein he also goes on at great length about their new tagline: "Imagine Greater.")

* Because "creating better programming" is not an option, apparently.
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I'm currently banging together Photoshop mockups of academic library web pages for user testing, so searching for designs I can steal borrow to test out various things, and in today's search, this came up as the first result.

For those going "Huh?", meta tags are information you put into the head section of the HTML code which explain who you are and what the site is about. Google, and other search engine bots, will first use the metadata in those tags to create their results entries, but if you don't put them there, they grab an excerpt from the page to create the page summary. I suspect that U Mich would prefer to have something about the actual library in there, instead of this. :)
Koumyou - hee

While I am trying... come up with ways to bash up a Photoshop library website that looks like it's customized for a specific person, I'm poking at the steampunk generator. It *still* produces more stories I want to read than any other generator I've done.

The text starts as a caring mentor encounters da Vinci-inspired technology while in the Congo. The overall narrative is a comedy of errors.

This narrative contains liege/lord dynamics. It starts in a museum with an androgynous boy. The antagonist is a Briton and the plot involves elements like the line of a man's jaw and a fountain in a deserted plaza.

This story begins as it ends, with a kick-ass woman. In a factory for producing automata, a cold and deadly courtesan and an androgynous boy struggle against the odds and encounter pistons, references to the Classics, and a coward who finds courage who has black leather gloves. The text features navy/pirate conflicts.

It begins with a carny in the dark. This person meets a gentlewoman scholar and together they encounter a duel of wits and swords and obedience. The story winds up in a post office and features tobacco. The overall narrative is about what happens after the revolution.

And one especially for yhlee:

A team of explorers consisting of a curate, a crazy tinker, an Australian, a resourceful sidekick, and a rebel discover an artifact from a brothel. Complications ensue involving rescuing someone from a cruel family, isolation, and a siege engine.
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And also checking back into my partly-finished random manga generator, which I haven't worked on in a year.

1. Karolína: 1 Karolína lives for developing a split personality. Superficially, she seems jittery but when thwarted her inner shaman is roused. She decides to proceed by becoming a revolutionary.

I know the numbers *after* the name are meant to help me figure out which sentences need editing, but for the life of me I can't figure out where I coded that in...
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springfluff needs more love!

Cutting-and-pasting from rachelmanija:
springfluff, the fic and art exchange dedicated to creating more much-needed happiness, needs more requests! If you want to get stories or give stories or both, please go sign up.

No commitment is required, but we need more requests so people can find more fandoms they know. (You can find existing fandom requests by clicking the tags.)
I mean, dude, really: you want surprise art or possibly even fic from me? You might get it, but not if your request isn't up there. No guarantees at all, but I certainly can't get inspired if there's nothing there to inspire me!