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a frog the size of texas

March 27th, 2009

10:32 am - Memetime!

My blog is worth $25,968.84.
How much is your blog worth?


02:07 pm - Glue that works on Styrofoam?

I may not need it because I may go a different direction, but hey: any info is good info.

Background: I bought two earpick-shaped* lacquer pins for making tama kanzashi** from Zipangu Treasures, as an experiment. You can see a photo of one here at their site. If you click on the "Detailed Description" link, there are a couple of photos of tama kanzashi made using them - one with a big, colorful bead, and one with a ball covered in tiny hana kanzashi.***

They're made by getting your ball-shaped element and then attaching the pick to one end and the ear scoop to the other: the pick and scoop do not actually join together.

I've got some Styrofoam balls that I could use for this, either simply covering one with silk or by gluing flowers to it, but obviously I'd need a glue that does not eat through Styrofoam, but does fix Styrofoam to wood and plastic securely. Any ideas?

I'm also going to the craft store this evening and taking an earpick with me to look for lightweight, pretty, large beads that would securely fit the pick ends, but would not be so heavy that it would overbalance and pull the pin out of the hair. I may end up going in that direction for the two picks if I can find such a bead. (or barring that, find a lightweight round bead that I could cover with silk.)

ETA: And if anyone knows of a source for metal wire combs like the larger ones here (about 3" x 1") that cost less than $3.60 each, plz to be hooking me up? I don't need the small ones - Hobby Lobby carries ones like that.


* Apparently people do want to wear personal care items in their hair. Who knew?

** Ball-shaped.

*** Flower kanzashi
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