March 30th, 2009

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I ran across this blog post this weekend, but didn't get around to posting it 'til now. Via Strobist, a photography lighting blog. It's a video of a fashion shoot by Nick Turpin for Men's Health magazine - they stopped people on the streets of London and shot them using a portable setup - one digital camera and an off-camera flash with a snoot. A snoot is something that restricts where light goes - most flashes and lights throw the light fairly wide, but if you want to spotlight or highlight certain areas of a photo while leaving the rest in shade, a snoot works wonders. Anyway, the video's worth watching if you're a photographer or artist or just curious, and the resulting photographs are beautiful.

If you want to make your own snoot for cheap, try Strobist's tutorial or DIY Photography's tutorial.

Noting for my own info: the boom the remote flash is on is a paint roller extender from a hardware store/DIY center. :)
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arg wordpress!

I'm working on a database query in Wordpress, which isn't yet working and I think I've solved at least part of the problem ... SOME of my single quotes are turning into curly quotes. And I can't figure out why. Escaping them doesn't work, as it changes them all to curly end single quotes. Using double quotes and escaping them, much the same result. GAH

ETA: Unfancy Quote plugin. Aaaaaah. :)
Princess Tutu - O.o // base by sub_divid

You probably ought to... least name-check Pratchett's Soul Music when describing the plot of your book, Ms. Benson, or perhaps describe it in slightly different terms (I've just bolded the similarities):
The book follows the travails of Calliope Reaper-Jones, a young woman whose [grand]father is Death. “Death is run like a corporation and when her father is kidnapped, she has to eschew her normal life in order to take over the company and to find out what happened to her [grand]father,” Benson said. “Calliope is an immortal due to her parentage, but she wants nothing to do with the supernatural world. She wants to live in Manhattan and be a normal girl. She loves fashion and anything she can snatch off the sales rack. When she is thrust back into the supernatural world, she is very resentful at first, but as she embarks on the quest to take on her father’s mantle, she finds that she is better equipped to handle the Afterlife than she ever suspected.
Yes I know that's probably the extent of the similarities, but I'd like more effort to point out the differences in the fifteen-second sound bites.
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1 pickle jar full of pennies + 1 pickle jar 1/4 full of pennies and 1/4 full of silver coins = $48.01.

AND AND AND AND Coinstar does not take ANY percentage out if you choose to convert it to an Amazon gift certificate instead of cash! (You have to find a location with a machine that does that, of course, but you can do that on

And now to have an Amazon orgy!