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a frog the size of texas

April 1st, 2009

09:05 am - Okay...

...I told someone in email this is what I was going to do, and I just updated my Deviantart journal to reflect it, so I might as well announce it here, also: after April 12 (i.e. once Anime Matsuri is over), I'll be accepting a limited number of commissions to work on in April, then I have to spend May getting ready for A-Kon.

Exactly how limited depends on what type of pictures get commissioned - the realistic stuff (Matsumoto, Matt, the potential Renji) takes a long time, but the chibis are quick. If I over-commit myself, I'll get back to the list in June, after A-Kon, and will know how many slots to open next time. :)

helen_keeble, since I never got 'round to yours last July*, if you still want it or another one, you have the first slot in the queue. :) The person who asked me in email, you have the second slot if you want it.

Rules, price algorithm**, examples, over on my Deviantart journal.

* Which I feel horribly guilty over.

** I should program that into a website for quotes. XD

09:36 am

I love you, little_details. Never change.

10:01 am - Tokyo in Tulsa

After a lot of thinking it over, I decided to forego Anime Expo this year (mostly the hassle involved in travel and shipping), and instead get a table at Tokyo in Tulsa the next weekend - smaller con, but it's local-ish and I don't have to ship stuff there and most importantly I DON'T HAVE TO GET ON AN AIRPLANE. :) So I just got the table. (the_z, you decided if you're coming or not yet?)

10:31 am - Fort Worth film noir...

...being shot on a DSLR, rather than a movie camera. (rachelmanija, wanted to point it out to you after your Human Touch story. XD)

02:10 pm

Note to look at later: blog all about using markers.

10:28 pm - Renji pic


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