April 13th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

As Dreamwidth starts heading about my f-list...

...this is just to say that I suspect I'll be remaining here, for the most part. I might get an account at Dreamwidth when the beta goes live, to reserve my name and for backup purposes*, but as I am TERRIBLY LAZY, I suspect I won't bother to do much over there.

* or if any RPG I might join ends up over there, for instance.
children like you were left to perish on, In the good old days


Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

I heard it significantly stronger in my right ear than my left - as I'm at work, I used my earphones instead of speakers, so it might be the earphones (they're not very good), or just a bit of hearing loss. I'd have to test a couple more times with different equipment, to narrow down the cause. :D
children like you were left to perish on, In the good old days

Con Stuff

Drove to Anime Matsuri, getting to the hotel about 1:30. Discovered that all those ratty little cheapo anime congoers had already requested complimentary fridges in their rooms, so none for us, dooming us to be forced to eat good food for breakfast and lunch instead of our original plan of buying a loaf of bread, a head of lettuce, and lunch meat. :D Am slightly annoyed at hotel for not actually letting me know that said request could not be filled before getting up to the room and discovering no fridge.
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Jiraiya don't play that shit

*dies laughing*

Just got this in a note on DA:
Hey, are you aware of the fact that your illustration of Naruto + Hogwarts characters are used as a image on children shoes?
I replied, asking where, so hopefully links will be forthcoming.

Because I would love to sic JKR's lawyers on them and watch the fun. :D

More info as I get it. If I get it.

ETA: Here we go! Oh, Dear God this is HILARIOUS! And I kind of want a pair of them. Before I report them to various Naruto and JKR lawyers. XD Um, does anyone here read Swedish? I need them for, er, evidence. That's right!

This is the original picture.