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a frog the size of texas

April 14th, 2009

08:53 am

The most adorable lost cardboard robots you'll ever see. Art project - make cute little robots that only go in one direction, put a flag on them asking for help to get to their destination, follow them discreetly and see what happens. Turns out ... people help them.

In other news, have a bit of con crud or something. :P Staying home from work. (My coworker was out yesterday with suspected food poisoning - I'm thinking maybe it *isn't* food poisoning, if I've got the same thing.)

03:58 pm

Got up from my second nap of the day to realize that my lack of caffeine might have something to do with my sleepiness, so just had a cup of Fujian Baroque. This cut-back-on-artifical-sweeteners thing had the pleasant side effect of gently weaning me off caffeine so that after several days of having soda (convention nutrition, I know), a lack of caffeine for 24 hours did NOT result in a raging migraine, but instead excessive sleepiness and a mild headache that is, even now, going away without the aid of OTC meds. Yay.

Via Tammylee on Twitter: the SEO rapper!(SEO = Search Engine Optimization, or how to code your websites so they are easily found and cataloged by search engines.)

Not mentioning anything much about Amazonfail here because I don't want to argue about it in the comments, and anyone mentioning it here will be politely ignored - feel free to go to ALMOST ANY OTHER JOURNAL ON MY F-LIST for that. :) I'm continuing to use Amazon because my basic measure of evaluating a company is not whether they screwed up in the first place, but whether they fix the error, and by all appearances they seem to be doing so.

Why I brought it up in the first place is to mention that while I'll still be using Amazon Associate codes in links to books and other things*, at rachelmanija's suggestion, I've also created a Powell Partners account. Same as the Amazon Associates account, the proceeds (a kickback of 7.5% of each purchase, in this case) go to funding Project Blue Rose reprints and other associated expenses. I'll be attempting to remember to use such links for those who choose not to shop through Amazon but are still willing to support PBR through buying books.

* If I forget to note them as Amazon links, hover your mouse over them and look at the URL in the bar at the bottom of the browser to check if it's an Amazon link. If you want to see if it's an Associates link, it'll have "probluros-20" or "telophase-20" in the URL somewhere.

06:38 pm

Said headache I mentioned earlier as rapidly going away reversed course and decided to come on stronger. But myrialux brought Advil over and I ate baked beans, which gave me a welcome infusion of protein, so it seems to have ebbed.

You were all just dying to hear that, weren't you?

09:21 pm

El biblioburro!

09:59 pm - There seems to be a thief loose in the house...

...as not only have I found the linen closet door open, but last night the missing nail clippers that I'd replaced turned up in my bed, and after this morning's nap, I staggered out to the living room to find both the drawer that holds random electronic stuff and the drawer that holds random cat stuff open, and a packet of catnip on the floor over near the balcony door.

I think my thief may have a very short attention span.
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