April 15th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Strobist is back from the GPP (Gulf Photo ... something) conference in Dubai, with the story of how he lit and photographed this stunning photo of a falconer and his bird.

If you don't do much photography, there are several challenges here, the primary ones being that it was at dusk, with the light starting to fade, the man was on sand, which can pick up light and drag the attention away from the focal point of the photo, and he was wearing a white robe - white sucks up light like a big thing that sucks up other things and can be a nightmare to light. Which is why "white" clothing on the stage and screen is usually not pure white but a very faint, pale grey or color* that looks white in comparison to everything else - we want to be looking at the actors, not their clothing, after all (and why wedding photography is actually fairly challenging - try lighting a bride in pure white surrounded by her attendants in colors and the groom and his attendants in black so that all their skin tones are perfectly exposed and the white isn't blown completely out into a featureless white hole and TRY NOT TO RUN SCREAMING INTO THE NIGHT).

* Exception, the Les Miserables musical, in which everyone destined to die wears at least one article of white clothing so that a spotlight can be shone on them at the moment of their death. Nifty idea, and if you go see the show, don't get too attached to anyone wearing white.