April 19th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer


Got a Dreamwidth invite in the random draw from those who had registered their openID there, so I am telophase over there. I'm not leaving LJ for reasons I've explained before, but there's enough people on my f-list here who are discussing about decamping there that I'm considering backing up my LJ over there and crossposting.

I suspect I may need to set up two reading lists over there - one for those who move completely and one for those who crosspost, as reading many duplicated posts a day will be dead boring.

I have no invite codes yet, so don't ask. :) I suggest doing the same thing I did - registering your openID (your LJ address), which allows you to create a reading list over there, and you might also get a code in the random draw.

Those of you who are on Dreamwidth, plz to be letting me know who you are over there and (to make things a wee bit easier) if you're completely moving over there or crossposting. Comments screened in case you don't want people to connect your LJ and DW addresses.