April 20th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer


This is Why You're Fat. A collection of deep-fried, cheese-smothered delicacies. My arteries are exploding just looking at it.

Also, I will never get used to authors of books I mention showing up in my LJ to talk about something, although there's enough published authors on my f-list that I ought to be. :D This week, Thersa Matsuura, author of A Robe of Feathers, and Cam Banks, author of The Sellsword, popped by for a visit. While I am attempting to decide what I'm replying to both of them* I thought I'd mention for those of you interested in the subject that Banks explains how the black Vanderjack ended up as a white man on the cover of The Sellsword.

* Because I am incapable of replying without going "You! You showed up! Here! In my LJ! Eeeeeeeeeee!" to pretty much any author, so I need to let it rest a bit so I don't talk like an idiot to them. XD
Cats - Sora and Nefer

Testing, nothng to see here...

Testing cut tags and crossposting, to see if I can avoid overwhelming your f-list with a kittyspam post later or, barring that, making the cuts look halfway decent in both places.

Dreamwidth cut tag contents

LJ cut contents

Contents between both the DW cut and the LJ cut

ETA: Answer: both types of tags work on DW, neither work when crossposting. So the kittyspam posts get posted separately, to ensure the cut tags work both places.
Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Sorry about the un-cut kittyspam crosspost there - this is one of the reasons DW is still in beta now. XD It crossposted it even though I told it not to.

Also, I am pretty much just adding everyone who added me to their reading lists on DW - I figure I'll deal with the question of those who are crossposting and duplicating content as I come to it because I am too lazy right now to work out who gets access but not put on the reading list over there and vice versa.
Gin grins again


Thanks to this post on installing Mixit themes on DW, I've got a less hideous theme over on DW. It's got a few problems - it's not fluid, so it doesn't gracefully resize itself to fit the browser screen, and it tends to cut off photos wider than its main column (It wasn't doing that earlier, I swear!). I like the whitespace and the clean design, but this photo-cutting-off thing may be a dealbreaker. Harrumph.