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a frog the size of texas

April 28th, 2009

08:53 am - Commisson #1 (well, technically #2)

helen_keeble, yours is just enough more complicated that when jarodrussell's request appeared, I went ahead and did it so I could focus on yours afterward. :D

So here's jarodrussell's characters Doctor Developer and Lady Lawful:

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11:51 am

Had a physical this morning. The doctor came in to the room, a bit late, and sat down with a sigh, saying, "It's so nice to see someone who isn't in here thinking they have swine flu."

07:39 pm

I went to the grocery store and came back, less than an hour later, to be greeted by a kitten in DIRE NEED of emergency cuddling.

(Didn't last too long - he got distracted by something shiny and jumped off my lap, and now has been pinned down by Nefer, who is giving him a thorough wash.)
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