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a frog the size of texas

April 29th, 2009

08:35 am

This is why I try to step back and cool down before I answer and why I should have not said anything until this morning, after I slept on it, before I did any more answering here - I do not handle language well or emotions well when I'm still hot under the collar.

I mix up words ('civil' vs. 'civilized'), I have knee-jerk reactions, and I focus on my personal hot-button issues (in this case, people telling me and others what can and cannot be said in my personal journal) instead of other people's pain and anger.

I am sorry for my behavior, and I apologize. Yes, I should have called the person on their comment, because it did offend me and I knew it would offend others. I did not at the time because I know I have tendencies to get wanky and I wanted to try to avoid them. What happened, instead, was that I ended up taking my emotions out on others. That was wrong, I was wrong.

Comments closed on this and the post where it all occurred: I'm not currently open to more discussion on this specific series of comments because I cannot guarantee that I'm going to be able to remain somewhat cool-headed and I don't want to dig myself in deeper.

(ETA: In case anyone I apologized to on the post this morning does not have LJ notifications turned on, I posted a shorter version of this in response to you. Disabling comments hides all of them. I'm doing this instead of just freezing them to head off well-intentioned folks trying to tell me I don't need to apologize.)

10:42 am

I think they had me at "The Dirty Dozen in Elfland."

04:15 pm - More home ec books...

At lunch, I went back to the home economics textbook section to see what else they had. There was one from the 1940s titled The Girl and Her Home, and one from the 1950s titled Young Living. To be fair, Young Living is a middle-school home ec textbook, or "pre-hi" as they called it.

A very quick skim through other textbooks too shows the influence of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and their efficiency-study colleagues on households during the first half of the century - it moves from an emphasis on home making to home management. One of the books that I left on the shelf is indeed all about household management and is full of helpful advice on how to use one's time cooking and cleaning most efficiently - one tip I remember from it is that one should concentrate on one thing at a time before doing another thing, because it produces less fatigue, and one of the examples was that one should dry one type of dinnerware at a time: all the glasses first, then move to the tableware, etc.

Apparently I've been drying my dishes wrong all these years. Sigh.

But! How about some 1950s cuisine! Read more...Collapse )

05:52 pm - A momet of surreality

1. Go to Which WIch website (www.whichwich.com)
2. Choose 'Location', trying not to be too annoyed by Flash
3. CLick on Texas
4. Scroll down to the Fort Worth (Hulen) location
5. CLick on "Map"
6. Get sent to Google Maps, with a blank map
7. Note that it is zoomed all the way in
8. Zoom out
9. Discover that it has sent you to the middle of Morocco, not Fort Worth, TX

I will be interested to know if anyone else has the same experience, although as I'm heading out to WHich Wich - Fort Worth, not Morocco - I will see your answers later.

07:01 pm - Posted using TxtLJ (http://www.livejournal.com/manage/sms/)

Reformed Vampire Support Group by Jinks. Y/N?

07:10 pm - Posted using TxtLJ (http://www.livejournal.com/manage/sms/)

OMG MANGA TEEN WOLVERINE. Am not sure I approve.
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