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a frog the size of texas

April 30th, 2009

10:28 am - Heh

I'm going to have to bring The Girl and Her Home, the high school home ec textbook from 1947, home to take or scan some photos of the illustrations. There's a photograph titled "Boys and Girls Setting Off on a Picnic" which features two couples heading down a dirt road surrounded by vegetation carrying a Thermos, a picnic basket, a book, a blanket, a couple of flat pillows, what is either a Sterno-type stove or a lantern, and one tennis racquet. The young men are in shirts and ties, and the young ladies are carrying their purses and wearing sweaters, skirts, and (matching) heels.

ETA: Also, in the chapter titled "Are You a Good Friend?" there's a whole section devoted to a classroom activity where you make copies of personality score cards, hand them out to everyone in the class and everyone rates everyone else ANONYMOUSLY to "encourage honesty" and "avoid hurt feelings."

Yeah, that's going to go well.

03:04 pm - Kenpachi-chan makes another appearance!

This time as the user icon for someone attempting to RP Renji in a Naruto RPG! :D


(for anyone new, if you try to hotlink from my doujinshi scans directory* on magatsu.net, you usually get confronted with Kenpachi-chan.)

* Covers and sample pages only, sorry. Not whole doujins. :D
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