May 2nd, 2009

manji - not happy


Mild headache all day yesterday that I know was a migraine because OTC meds didn't do one thing. Went to sleep early, woke up, headache worse. Have applied caffeine and Relpax to it, am waiting for it to GO AWAY.

And hopefully STAY AWAY, as tonight is the annual Carnivore Stimulus Package Night where several of my friends get together and as a general Christmas present, buy a bunch of us dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. If you haven't been to one (Fogo del Chao, Tejas de Brazil, etc.), they run on the same general lines: Meat. Lots of it. Neverending. You get waiters carrying around large skewers of cuts of meat, cooked in various ways, and they come to your table and carve bits off onto your plate. You have a little card at your plate with red on one side and green on the other. When the green side is up, they'll keep coming by. When the red side is up, because you're busy eating or want to slow down or are about to explode or whatever, they don't come around.

I've never been to Tejas de Brazil before. I've been to Fogo a few times. They say the salad bar is excellent, but we wouldn't know. :)
Cats - Sora and Nefer


Migraine gone, but triptan hangover set in. It manifests in extreme blah - no motivation, a feeling of extreme exhaustion, no will or desire to do anything that isn't prompted by something outside myself. No focus or attention on anything. Easier to type than to talk, for some weird reason - can't be bothered to open my mouth and speak.

It will pass in a few hours, but until then, let's see if I gain sufficient motivation to pop one of the four (!) DVDs Netflix sent me in. (They sent me a 4th one in apology for the broken one, and said I wouldn't get my next one until I sent 2 discs back. I sent one back. They sent me the next one. Er ... ?)