May 3rd, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer


[info]yhlee was in my dreams last night: I was, for some reason I'm sure was really important at the time, making a short series of videos axbout ... something or other, to help solve some sort of mystery. I needed a picture for the wall - I had the frame and mat already, and they were large, with a very small window in the mat, so I asked [info]yhlee to paint me a landscape on an index card. She agreed, and as I was telling her what I needed from it "...a tall tree over on the left, and a stream flowing into the distance on the right..." Sora jumped up onto the bed with a toy, as he is wont to do, and started playing with it on top of my legs, so I woke up with the confused certainty that yhlee was fighting with Sora on top of me.

After falling back to sleep, the dream more-or-less continued, but I don't remember much more of it except that at one point I was attending a lecture where the speaker was discussing mysteries and murder in stories and someone in the audience asked "what about a poisoned petit-four falling into a cybernetic cup of tea?" and the speaker laughed and said the audience was ahead of him.

(The other day I woke up with the phrase "...then wolves got into the house" floating in my head. No other context. Hm.)


Sora's response is: fd]]]r\6uplnjb\uy777778888888888888


Dinner last night was good - meat coma. :) And now I feel the need for greeeeeeeeeen in my diet. :)
shikamaru - screw you i'm going home


Intended to get some work done on commissions or, barring that TOTALLY NOT WRITE something*, or barring that, maybe redo an old art piece of mine for DA's Kick Your Own @ss Contest, but instead I took photos of the cats, tidied up the computer area and living room, did one load of dishes, backed up, updated, and defragged the computer, and terrified the cats by vacuuming the living room after dumping half a box of grated cheese on it. Unintentionally.

Having a low-grade migraine all day did not help one little bit. I can't tell if it's the one from yesterday & the day before back after the Relpax, or a new one triggered by the vodka tonic and two glasses of wine last night, as hangovers tend to trigger migraines.

* blamerachel