May 5th, 2009

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Another one of those dreams that almost had a coherent narrative.

Last night's dream started on a bus or train (it was sort of indecisive) traveling a long distance. The main character was a young man in his 20s or so - he was sometimes the viewpoint character, and sometimes the viewpoint character was a young woman travelling on the same bus/train as he.*

At one point, it stopped at a shadowy station and they (the man and the woman) got out for a few hours to go look around the place. Beyond the station walls was some sort of city that was sort of Faerie/otherworld - the crowds inhabiting it were not quite right. They were in one crowded shop which had a display case of the refrigerated sort you see in butcher shops, full of things for use in charms and spells and influencing.

And then they somehow ended up backstage in a large theatre - I think they were being pursued - and the young man picked up a bass guitar. Somehow, playing it earned them safety, or passage, or something.** At any rate, they could leave. He took the guitar with him, and went back through the city and the shop from before and the doorway to the train station, and ended up back on the bus/train without the girl, and without any memory of her.

At this point, the viewpoint character was nonexistent, so I just knew that somehow, taking the guitar meant that he'd traded her for it, without realizing what he was doing, and that the memory of her was taken also. There was also the question of how far this influence spread, because while the people on the platform who'd seen them both going in didn't notice anything wrong, I woke up as he was back on the train and someone else, who may not have left the train, was thinking that something was wrong here.

* And who was, at times, making kanzashi. XD My brain was working out the method by which I think I figured out how to make some of the more elaborate kanzashi, but attached to a rigid headband instead of a hair prong or stick, so that short-haired people can wear them. I think it'll be pretty nifty if I've got it right. :D

** I predict this element was due to me watching Time Warp recently, where they used high-speed cameras to film the bassist from Metallica playing slap-bass.
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Via the Birdchick, uniforms female park rangers had to wear in history. (Go-go boots?!)

Also, from Young Living, the 1959 Pre-Hi (middle school) homemaking textbook, a photo caption:

Everyone enjoys giving children's parties.

Or what about this photo caption?

Do you really enjoy reading to or entertaining a child? You should, because it's fun.

The interesting thing is that by 1959, the book has a huge section on baby and child care and child development in it, which was not so in the 1947 book. (Shades of the baby boomers? Fewer extended families around to offer support? Difference between middle school and high school textbooks? Who knows!) There are also frequent references to babysitting, which makes sense to me, as girls of the age the textbook is aimed at were a lot more likely to face these issues when babysitting, rather than learning this in preparation for motherhood.

There are also rules for giving a large tea (NEVER line up at the tea table! Group yourselves and talk until there is room at the table to be served!), and for an informal buffet. And you should know that if you are at a picnic, it may not always be possible to be dainty with a hamburger or hotdog, but you should NEVER get messy or sticky on purpose. Which, I think, takes out half the fun.

Two of the activities at the end of this section are:
1. Discuss the things you know about outdoor meals. Then make a list of the things to learn which will help you prepare them better.

2.Find pictures of outdoor table settings and display them on the bulletin board. Choose an arrangement which is best for the type of parties you have outside.
I don't know about you, but the way I choose to arrange a picnic table is heavy things on top of lighter things to stop them from blowing away in the wind, and with lids on the meat dishes to stop the cats from jumping on the table and getting into them.

I am also slightly confused by what this means:
In serving hot milk drinks, fill a cup or mug about 3/4 inch from the top of the cup, and place the cup and saucer about 2 inches from the edge of the table on the right side of the plate. Cocoa may be tasted with a spoon and laid on the saucer, but the entire cup of beverage may not correctly be drunk this way.
Huh? You can't drink your cocoa with a spoon like soup, or you can't leave the spoon in the saucer as you drink it? And don't forget your ruler when you serve!

Later on, in the chapter on cleaning, one of the activities is:
3. Clean the bathroom in your home. Report your success to the class.
I shall leave you with this photo caption:

Remember when you used to like to help mother? Care of the home and clothing are so important that you should still enjoy it!

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Day something-or-other of my attempts to re-establish the eating and exercise habits that led me to lose 50 pounds, a chunk of which I have unfortunately gained back.* As I'm planning on going to see Wolverine at the Studio Movie Grill tomorrow (Wednesday) night with myrialux and several of our friends, where fried foods smothered in cheese tend to be the specialty of the day, I have already packed a remarkably vegetarian lunch for tomorrow. Leftover mushroom ragout, a pickle, a hard-boiled egg, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and grapes**. If I manage to come home and immediately hop on the bike, that means I can basically eat just about anything I want and chase it down with a Coke without an iota of guilt.***

Now watch me get there, peruse the menu, and decide that all I really want is a small salad and ice tea. I've been known to do things like that.

* The eat-all-you-want-and-don't-exercise diet does wonders for that. More to the point, it was making it a habit that worked for the weight loss, and when I unintentionally broke the habit, it was hard to come back. Intentionally breaking it didn't make it hard to come back - if I decided to focus my energy on, say, getting ready for a convention instead of watching my diet and exercise for a few weeks, I could get right back into the habit with little problem. It was things like getting sick or going on vacation or just not deciding to not do it that caused the problem. NOTE TO SELF: REMEMBER THIS POINT.

** Basically every small thing in the fridge that I could stuff in a bento box.

*** Well, removing guilt from eating was also one of the linchpins of the previous weight loss, so I'm mostly speaking metaphorically here. FOOD IS NOT A MORAL ISSUE. FOOD IS YUMMY.