May 8th, 2009

Near - que?


...I'm not quite sure what I expected when I got to work this morning and read the comments to my Sabretooth rant on the LJ crosspost, but I'm fairly sure I didn't expect the entire conversation to be derailed by one facetious mention of the Summers family tree.

ETA: Which is to say that if anyone has any comments on the rant other than the goddamn Summers family tree, they would be quite welcome.

And why are my <small> tags not working on DW? Ah. They do, just not in my post view.
Cats - Sora and Nefer

I seem to be posting a lot about comics lately... here's a link to a post by Noah Berlatsky over on comiXology about bad superheroine cheesecake, titled "Adding Incompetence to Insult."
But more often, you get images like those above, where Star Sapphire's costume makes her look vulnerable, not tough…or the Marvel Divas cover, where everybody but Hellcat is making with the bedroom eyes, and the only threat is that Black Cat's costume may pinch so tightly that she actually pops apart at the waist, causing everything from the torso up to go swooshing about like a deflating balloon.
Cats - Sora and Nefer

Peter S. Beagle fans!

Stealing the text straight from the blog:
Peter S. Beagle, acclaimed author of The Last Unicorn and Tamsin, is making a plea for his fans to help him out of some financial difficulty by signing up for his new year-long project, 52/50, in which “I’m writing 52 original poems or song lyrics, one per week, for a whole year.”
For more info or other ways you can help, go to his The Raven newsletter and scroll to "A Personal Request to All My Fans."