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a frog the size of texas

May 9th, 2009

12:32 pm - Family Joys and What?!

YES, YES, I KNOW that language changes over time! But my inner twelve-year-old will NEVER NOT SNICKER at passages like this:
A home based on the right principles will be simple. There will be simplicity of living, honesty in the expression of what will be offered in the home. No ostentation or living beyond one's means; simplicity in entertainment in offering freely of what one has to friends, without apology or explanation; simple furnishings, simple, healthful food, simple, artistic clothing, all help to simplify life and give the home makers more time for the family joys and intercourse.
It's a home ec textbook from 1916:

Title: Shelter and clothing: a textbook of the household arts
Authors: Kinne, Helen, 1861-1917., Cooley, Anna M. b. 1874.

Found via the Digital Book Index here, so YOU TOO can share in the joys of domestic science!

12:40 pm - One more thing...

...from the 1916 book referred to in the previous entry.
Much nervousness in women is due to the continuous expenditure of energy in balancing large, heavy hats, and sometimes the body comes to have an unnatural position because of the effort to balance and maintain the pose.
Hey! You know what your problem is? YOUR HAT'S TOO BIG!

09:25 pm

[info]meganbmoore reviews Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix.

Also spent the afternoon going through book boxes in the garage and sorted out EIGHT boxes of books to sell to Half-Price. They gave me $168 for them and said "You have some really good things here! How can you bear to let them go?!" To which I replied that I have much better things left over. :D Plus, my criteria for this cull was (a) even if it was good, if I was never going to read it again, it went, and (b) did I want it bad enough to move it.

The cash makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER about dropping $75 this morning on an order of nice fine-art quality paper for art show prints. (It wasn't the REALLY NICE stuff I covet, which is $5/sheet, but the A-Kon art show isn't worth $5/sheet. The AnimeFest art show *is*, however, so I may be buying some of that come August. :D)

And I found something I totally forgot I had: the chapter book adaptation of the Sabretooth: Death Hunt comics. Which is totally trippy to me as I see those particular books as OMG NOT FOR KIDS.

Haul from the farmer's market this morning: asparagus, tomatoes, sweet onions, small cucumbers (not pickling ones), and two jars of jam (grape and apricot). No clue what I'm going to make with them.
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