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a frog the size of texas

May 20th, 2009

11:02 am - The verdict on my foot!

Winkle picker's disease. OK, so that's not what the doc said, but it's what my mother internet-diagnosed me with a few months ago. :D But it's the same thing: hallux limitus, basically arthritis of the big joint of the toe, and it can eventually turn into hallux rigidus, when the joint is completely frozen.

This doc basically said to continue doing what I'm doing: the occasional course of prednisone when it starts hurting too badly*, maybe a cortisone shot every now and then and eventually, if it gets to the point where it's seriously interfering with my daily life, surgery to put an implant in - he mentioned it was a cobalt implant.

So the diagnosis: hey, your foot hurts, deal. :D

* This current course has actually taken away all my pain. Whee!

11:16 am - Congratulations!

kittikattie's story "River's Daughter" should be available for download on the Verb Noire site this weekend!

10:51 pm - Make Me A Supermodel

What's with this great look that Branden's supposed to have? He's got one look, and that look is "Uh... what?" Honestly! Every photo he looks confused! He's worse than Hiromasa!
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