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a frog the size of texas

May 21st, 2009

08:03 am

I've got the Scottish osprey cam open right now, and while I can't see the chicks, I'm pretty sure they're active as Mama's looking rather uncomfortable right about now. XD

08:27 am - Jewelry people!

I found this Japanese kanzashi site, which seems to be someone's personal site where she displays (and maybe sells) kanzashi she makes. She includes a lot of photos of each piece, sometimes of the back, which is REALLY NICE so I can see the construction. :D

The actual question: On some of them, she attaches small beaded dangly things with a little clasp. (hook clasp thing: look here and click on the far right picture for an enlargement.) If I wanted to buy similar components for the dangly parts, what do I get? I haven't spent a whole lot of time exploring the chain/ring section of jewelry so I'm not sure if those little components are sold separately, in chains, or if they're those long stick things I see that need to be formed into rings myself. :/ (I also like the ones with little butterfly danglies on the ends. XD)

I'm hoping to hit the craft store today (preferably at lunch, since I didn't pack mine and have to go out) to get a few components to experiment with and hope to have for A-Kon next weekend, to see how they do.

ETA: Especially because Hobby Lobby has metal jewelry findings 50% off this week! XD

01:11 pm

This morning, I grabbed a screenshot of the osprey cam I mentioned a couple of entries back when Mama moved off the babies for a short period. Wasn't able to upload it until now, as magatsu.net was having server load issues, but if you want to see it, it's under the cut.

Cut for osprey!Collapse )

06:57 pm - Kanzashi & kittyspam!

I just put together a beaded dangly like the ones in an earlier post today. It has a few warts, but not bad for a first try! Photos and kittyspam under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

07:44 pm - Right!

Anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on a bunch of cards with two small parallel cuts in them near one end in LESS THAN A WEEK?

This is such a winner of an idea for packaging the kanzashi I could probably pop the prices up a buck or so if I did it:

(Yeah, the obvious thing would be to get a bunch of cardstock cut at Kinkos - where I could at least have them Xerox my name and a logo or something on to it - and do the parallel slices myself, but that'd be time-consuming. Hmmm. Need to be bigger than business-card size or I'd just just mine.)

11:43 pm

If you're reading 2DGoggles (and if you're not, why not?), part 3 of Lovelace and Babbage vs the Economy is up!

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