May 22nd, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

More home ec stuff

I've mostly exhausted the textbooks available in the library here, so will have to decide if I want to ILL or not. But I've been reading a book about domestic advisers from the 19th century to the 20th. I left it at home, so I can't put the title here at the moment, but I wanted to say that it explicitly says something that I'd gathered from the textbooks: that many of the domestic advisers were on a campaign to assimilate immigrants Build the American Dream through interior decoration. As witnessed to by their desperate, long, lonely fight against the scourge of bric-a-brac. :)

Also something else I suspected: the difference between what the domestic advisers were saying and what actual, normal women were doing was fairly large. But that's not exactly news here - for every woman who manages to maintain the perfect Martha Stewart home, there are about a hundred who settle for cleaning up the cat barf and calling that their daily accomplishment.*


* I find that's quite enough housework for the day, thankyouverymuch. And that problem is partly solved by Sora acting much more like a dog in cleaning up after Nefer, if you get what I'm saying.
Cats - Sora and Nefer


I can't believe I just made this.

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My big problem now is WHAT THE HELL DO I CHARGE FOR THESE? There's that weird tension between how small they are, which makes them feel like they're worth less, and how much of my time they take to make, which makes them feel like they're worth more. And I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what people would be willing to pay for them. Aaaaaarrrgghhhh!