May 26th, 2009

goku - sulk

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Got all prints made last night. Need to make sales sheets and do official count of prints. Need to decide prices and make price signs. Need to get earplugs. Need to print more commission sheets. Need to pile everything for the table together and make sure it's all there/unbroken/etc. Need to make kanzashi signs.

Office supply store: those clips with prongs, so I don't need to tape prints to the table.

Am amazingly unawake right now - getting up felt like I was hideously sleep-deprived, but I'd gotten plenty of sleep all three nights previously, so getting 7 instead of 8 shouldn't make me feel this way. Aarg.
Near - que?


...for foods to bring to make breakfasts and lunches at a con that aren't just the usual PB&J type stuff? Assume no cookware or microwave, but a possible fridge (or small cooler if no fridge). Breakfast can be messier as it will be eaten in the room, but lunch will be eaten at the artist alley table and shouldn't stink out the alley. :D (i.e., no heavily-garlicked hummus, despite how delicious it may be. Mmmmmm, hummus.)

This is just in the light planning stage at the moment, and I may end up defaulting to bringing a box of cereal, bread, lunchmeat, and some apples or something, but it might be fun to see how gourmet I can get. If not for this con, then for future cons. :D