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a frog the size of texas

May 27th, 2009

09:29 am

Will The Real Pliocene Hominin Please Stand Up? (Anthro geeks represent!)

09:57 am - Wheeee!

I now have the Priceline Negotiator tune stuck in my head, as I just got a hotel in Tulsa for Tokyo in Tulsa for less than half the going rate. :) A mile from the convention center as the car drives, but looks closer to .5-.75 mile from it as the crow flies. But even if I choose not to drag my AA stuff all over downtown and drive and park instead, it'll still be about half the price of staying at the con hotel, with the advantage of not being surrounded by screaming kids all night. :) (Plus the con hotel was sold out. XD)

11:08 am - My comission prices are right this way, dear

A comment on one of my pictures:
hi can i request a pic(reply bak)
I think it's the "(reply bak)" that makes it hilarious.

(And I did reply back. With a link to my commission prices. :D)

11:10 am

Oh - if you are depressed, stressed, or suffering from anxiety, in the UK, and over 18, PsyBlog is looking for people to take part in online support group research.

02:42 pm - Author websites

If you have an opinion on author websites, please head over to fangs_fur_fey and let them hear it!

05:00 pm - Hah!

I went in to get a haircut and made a profit! I brought my kanzashi in because my stylist asked me to the last time I got a haircut, and not only did he buy some for his wife, but two other employees did, too. Whee!

And luckily I'm ahead of the game in con prep, so I can make a few more tomorrow to replace them. XD

06:07 pm - OH SNAP

You know the "hi can i request a pic(reply bak)" person? I replied to them with a link to my commission prices. They just replied:
i dont pay, bye

I'm debating a reply, but haven't come up with anything properly cutting yet.

06:50 pm

This is why I love the UK. You guys do that sort of thing. :D (The Big Picture, lots of photos, worksafe.)
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