May 30th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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FYI - I'm at A-Kon this weekend. I tend to post short updates via text message to LJ, but they don't get crossposted here. So if you care, go there -

Weirdest thing that happened yesterday - a woman walked by holding a box of sticks. There was something fuzzy in it, so I stood up to look more closely. It was a chick. Some sort of raptor chick. A large one - this wasn't a small little peregrine or something, it was more the size of a hawk or eagle chick. I don't know enough about it to ID it more closely. I said "How sweet!" and the woman said "You can touch it if you want," so I gently stroked its head - very soft. And then she went on before I could think of anything to ask.

I didn't dream it - although I dreamed *about* it last night - because Toby reports that people in the dealers' room were saying something about a bird someone had in Con Ops, so it has corroboration!

I am profoundly ambivalent about it - it was an amazing experience, but I want to know why it was at the con. I know that you have to feed them like every two hours, so if you're coming to the con, it's coming with you, but it's obviously getting habituated to humans, so I want to know why that's being allowed - this would probably mean there is something about this chick that means it can't be released into the wild. I'm ambivalent enough about the whole thing that I dreamed about it - interrogating the woman about it. :D Her answers satisfied me in the dream, and then it went to frustration as I wanted a photo and she had a list of rules - no flash, no strong light, etc. - that made it very hard to get an in-focus pic, and I was trying to set my camera's exposure, ISO and f-stop to get a good one, but was failing because the chick kept moving. XD