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a frog the size of texas

June 1st, 2009

08:36 pm - A-Kon Report. Short form.

Exhausted. Sales sucked - in the art show I made about half of what I usually make, and about 2/3 of what I usually make at the table. Had a great spot, but still made more last year in the sucky spot.* Need to focus on CUTE for stuff, as that what's seemed to be selling like mad elsewhere. I found a place online that does inexpensive 1" buttons, so will think about creating some simple CUTE designs for them.**

Took lots of photos and some random video with narration. May or may not get that up soon - I'd rather just sit and read tonight.

Got [info] - personalmeganbmoore safely off back to her hometown, with directions to the nearest Half-Price Books, where I hear she made a serious dent in their stock.

I have a very needy kitten right now, who is all OMG YOU WERE GONE AND THEN YOU WEREN'T HERE AND SOMEONE ELSE WAS HERE*** AND NOW YOU'RE HERE AND YOU KEEP LEAVING**** AND YOU'RE BACK AND IT WAS TOTALLY AWFUL. Nefer is more classy about it, merely meatloafing within ten feet of wherever I happen to be at the time.

myrialux said OMG YOU WILL SEE STAR TREK after he came back from Houston and seeing it with friends, so we did the lunchtime showing at the Studio Movie Grill. I liked it a lot. Winced a bit at the physics, which I expected as it's Trek, and winced a bit at the gender issues, which I'd expected as I'd seen talk here and there on LJ about that, but overall it was enjoyable. :)

* OK, I didn't have [info] - personalrachelmanija shilling for me this year, but it's more than just my lousy selling skills. :D

** As I'm sending them out to be printed by someone else, these are all going to be originals, not fanart.

*** My current couch is not suitable for crashing on, so Megan stayed here while I crashed at myrialux's place. It's conveniently close. :)

**** For dinner. And lunch. After three days of eating out of a cooler, I want food BROUGHT TO ME, dammit.

10:12 pm - Jack Frost, volume 1

You see, Mr. JinHo Ko, the problem with basing your character designs, panel angles, weapons, and occasionally even art style on Hellsing is that you need to be better than Hellsing in order to stop the reader continually comparing your manhwa with Hellsing and coming up lacking.

Your manhwa, sir, is no Hellsing.

(If I remember to, scans will be coming later TO PROVE IT.)

(Although I have to admit it's kind of amusing the way one character gets decapitated in every chapter. But it's not amusing enough to make up for the lack of being Hellsing and the confusing storyline.)
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