June 2nd, 2009

Mello - bite my ass

Jack Frost vs. Hellsing: FIGHT!

I mentioned in a post I made last night that the manhwa Jack Frost had too many elements - character design, character relationships, panel angles, weapons - ripped off from similar to those from Hellsing, and promised scans to prove it. Here they are.

Now, it's not plagiarism - I haven't found any panels where the Jack Frost artist deliberately traced, but you know he's got Hellsing open on his desk while drawing Jack Frost and frequently refers back to it I, of course, have never done that Death Note or Saiyuki. And while I don't actually mind using close character designs, etc. as long as the story is sufficiently different (it is, so far), unfortunately Jack Frost is nowhere near as good as Hellsing, which means that as you're reading it, you are irresistibly reminded of Hellsing and how much better it is.

So let that be a lesson to you: if you're going to copy character designs MAKE SURE YOUR STORY IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

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In conclusion: read Hellsing. It's much better.