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a frog the size of texas

June 5th, 2009

09:38 am - Linkblogging

A badfic author from the turn of the 20th century. "Globes of glare."

A bullfrog eats a sparrow. Really. Don't look if you think you might be wigged out. :)

11:19 am - And now time for a short break...

Just read the article on the re-watch of the Star Trek TOS ep "The Naked Time" over on Tor.com, and thought I'd steal share this screencap of Sulu.

Enjoy!Collapse )

09:31 pm

I want to go to bed shortly. Unfortunately, a cat has thrown up in my bed.* I think I may be grabbing one of my other sets of sheets (which are all the wrong size for the bed) and curling up on the loveseat** tonight, as I don't want to stay awake as long as it takes to wash and dry sheets.

Just bought a new pair of shoes. Went in to The Walking Company and explained my arthritis dilemma to the salesman and how I wanted a stiff-soled shoe but that the Danskos I used to own (which were great for my back and have stiff soles) led to twisted ankles as I tended to fall off them. He steered me towards Birkenstocks. So now I have a pair of Birkenstock clog-type shoes and vaguely feel like I should be living in Austin instead of Fort Worth. He warned me they're going to take some breaking in as the cork sole molds itself to my foot, which is reminiscent of the way the Danskos behaved, and they are somewhat lumpy-feeling at the moment. I'll give them a couple of weeks.

One immediate improvement, however, is that wearing them my foot no longer hurts when I brake the car. If all else fails, I've found driving shoes. XD

* Nefer. Sora has, as usual, eaten most of it.

** It only has one arm. If you put my ottoman at the end without the arm, it's OK to sleep on.
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