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a frog the size of texas

June 6th, 2009

10:51 am - Farmer's market haul

  • 3 bags coffee. I don't drink it myself, but myrialux, who is in Austin this weekend, entrusted me with the responsibility. It's a local company that roasts the beans. I got the two varieties that myrialux wanted, then saw a seasonal roast and the guy selling it said that if he liked the El Salvador, he'll like that, so I bought him another bag. :D

  • Green beans

  • Red Candy Apple spring onions Got some a couple of weeks ago and liked them. Not as mild as all the writeups claim, though. :D

  • Peaches. I was dithering over the plums and the peaches, because the bags of each were so large that I'd not eat anywhere near all of them, when someone walked up and said "Your peaches were so good last week we're back for TWO bags this week!" so I bought the peaches. They're cute, small ones.

  • Leeks.

  • Potatoes. I shall maybe make leek and potato soup today.

  • The very last loaf of whole-wheat bread that the Artisan Baking Company had out there.

  • Pattypan squash

  • Baby yellow squash. If you've read me for a while, you may already know that I hate squash. Haven't eaten it for years. But there's SO MUCH of it and SO MANY recipes for it that I finally did what I'd been threatening to for a while, which is buy a couple of different varieties to cook and see if I can find one I like. I got the pattypan squash because I'm not sure I've ever eaten it before, and it looks like UFOs, and the baby yellow on the theory that baby squash might be milder in flavor. We'll see. Now to poke through my cookbooks for recipes.

07:46 pm - Squash recipe #1

Baked stuffed pattypan squash, a little down on the page.

I think they didn't mean a full 3/4 lb parsley, because the recipe is not named "PARSLEY PARSLEY PARSLEY with a few other ingredients", so I picked a random amount to put in (I think it was about 1/4-1/2 cup chopped).

Results: not bad. My first bite of squash was totally tasteless to start, then I got a faint squash taste that I didn't love (didn't loathe, but not something I cared for). Subsequently, the squash was completely flavorless, just like a futuristic space Nutritive Food Substance. While I'm not particularly attracted to Nutritive Food Substance, I'll eat it to finish off this recipe because the sausage stuffing is good. :D

11:09 pm - Cupcake

Possible 1" button design.
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