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a frog the size of texas

June 8th, 2009

10:24 am - I meme, therefore I am

Via chomiji

1. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal. [ETA: Only if you want, natch! --[info] - personaltelophase]
2. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!.
3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

OMG are you ready for this?!Collapse )

11:41 am - A blast from the past...

Someone over on [info] - journalfen.netfandom_lounge asked about favorite non-American films, and I was stirred to remember mine, which I ahdn't thought about in a while. I think there's been an influx of newcomers since I last mentioned it here, so I'm reposting my reply so you can all be traumatized enlightened:
My favorite non-American film is not good. In fact, if it were good, its awesomeness would be incredibly diminished. It's a Bollywood film named Aabra Ka Daabra, and it manages to be a ripoff of both Harry Potter AND Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with, naturally, singing and dancing thrown in.

In 3D. Yes, in 3D.

I paid $5.99 for the DVD and I have reaped hundreds of dollars' worth of entertainment out of it, as I force it on my friends every chance I get, and so far none of them have turned on me for it. :D

My first impressions here, and my screencapped recaps are here: Part 1, Part 2.

11:47 am - P.S.

Rec me Bollywood movies! I am especially fond of lushly photographed historical epics full of landscape porn, or ones that are so bad they're good, like Aabra Ka Daabra in my previous entry.

Context: I need to replace my Aabra Ka Daabra DVD, as it's now skipping so badly that huge chunks are unwatchable and I haven't forced it on nearly all of my friends yet, and at Nehaflix, where I can get it now for $5, shipping is $6 for the first item and only $1 each for subsequent items.

01:42 pm - Bento box...

If you want to bring bento lunches to work or school or wherever and are finding most of them too small, you could do worse than to get this one (Amazon affiliate link). I ordered it and got it last week, and my first thought when I pulled it out of the box was HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT'S HUGE! Well, compared to regular bento boxes it is: when you compare it to American lunch boxes, it looks normal-to-small. :D It's 950 mL, which should fit about 950 calories' worth of food if you're packing according to the bento box guidelines.

I just used it for the first time today, and packed the big compartment with mashed potatoes, and the smaller ones with two sausage-stuffed squash halves and baby carrots. I ate the whole thing and am feeling a little explodey right now. I shall, perhaps, pack a little less tightly next time. XD (But it's better than my other one-tier bento boxes, which I prefer to two-tier, because I usually have to bring a side dish in order not to feel hungry later in the afternoon with those.)

02:46 pm

Nick Mamatas' blog at Haikasoru, the new SF book imprint from Viz, today talks about some of the differences between Japanese and English-language science fiction.

ETA: Bonus icons in the comments!

09:49 pm - House Hunters International

Watching tonight's episode of House Hunters International, which is taking place on an island in the Bahamas, which is a very desirable place to live and very very small, so housing prices are very high.

I know all that, but it still takes my breath away when the real estate agent says that the houses average $1.5-3 million, and the couple's budget is $1 million to find a modest house for themselves and their four kids. And I'm used to $1 million houses in the States being a certain level of luxury, which isn't the case on the island because what you're paying for is LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. (The couple own a hotel on the island - they're not the usual run of empty-nesters looking for a tropical home or well-to-do people looking for a vacation home.)
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