June 10th, 2009

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The link to Regendered is going around my f-list - you pop in a URL and it replaces the gendered words in it with their opposite (she/he, his/her, and, amusingly, Anne/Anthony). So I popped in the URL for the review I did yesterday, which makes some parts of seem like a much more interesting book. [info] - personalmeganbmoore's review is also by turns hilarious and disturbing).

And then I followed the link to [info] - personalrachelmanija's review of Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood, which turns into Anthony Bishop's Son of the Blood, and just about died laughing at the results of Regendered on the third paragraph (which, I have to say, was pretty funny with the original genders):
There are magic cock rings. They are controlled by witches to enslave the wearers, who often magically zap them with pain. This makes many of the female characters perform actions like, "Moaning and clutching her groin, she staggered up the stairs," or "Carefully holding her crotch, she pursued him."
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Salon.com article on a super-repo man - the sort that repos Learjets and fleets of helicopters. (There's a series of action-adventure novels in that)

Also am banging my head against my own code: working on code I wrote 5 years ago, and going OH DEAR GOD WHYYYYY DID I DO IT THAT WAY?!
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And leading from a chance mention in my previous entry, there must be a coding law somewhere that explains that users won't complain about huge, productivity-impacting errors, but if you get the hours on the coffee bar wrong*, suddenly the error reports pile in.

* At the time I'm thinking of, they were actually not wrong for the present (Christmas holidays), but for the future (spring semester start), only visible when you advanced the calendar ahead to the date in question. I mean, God forbid you not be able to schedule your coffee run three weeks from now!
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I also managed to accidentally come across the listing for this book: Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom. It is a mere $2500. Why? Because it is a book of photographs of Bhutan that is five by seven feet in size.

I so want to see this book in person. And made that an Amazon affiliate link because it amused me so. (Hey! Ya never know! 4% of $2500 would be an awesome haul! XD)

ETA: Note, however, that it is not available via Amazon Prime, so you'd have to pay for shipping, and that's a whole $3.99, so it's probably not worth it.
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Tornado sirens. Poor Sora freaked out. No tornado but cable and net spotty. Guess Im watching dvds tonight.

ETA: Net back, but perhaps not for long. Cable still out, though, as it dies every time there's a little bit of thunder. Sora is curled up under the couch, worried. He was trying to curl up in my arms earlier, until the sirens started and freaked him out. Will log out now and go watch my Netflix DVDs as I've had them way too long and need to send them back.
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Top Chef Masters

Enjoyed it a lot, and I tell you I was rooting for my man Tim Love, as he's a local and I've actually eaten at one of his restaurants. Not the one he mentioned in the show, Lonesome Dove, but a quirky little burger joint called the Love Shack. It's a mostly-outdoor partially roofed narrow space between two buildings. There's a stage at one end which usually has someone on it or occasionally a kid-friendly movie, a roofed-over space at the other end where you can site if it's raining, and an open-to-the sky bit in the middle.

He's putting in another one in a retail development going in closer to where I live, but I suspect it won't have quite the charm of the original, although we'll eat there more in order to avoid parking in the Stockyards area.

Back to the show: you know what was refreshing to see? Professional chefs working. Not the drama queens we tend to get on TC (well, ok, it makes for better ratings when there's drama). These chefs took it with a grain of salt, and when they got thrown a curveball, intentionally or unintentionally (hello frozen food!), instead of whining and bitching about it, or going on about how Real Chefs Don't Do That or This Isn't Real Cooking, they just got down to business and cooked. Hopefully future TC contestants will watch this and get some ideas.