June 16th, 2009

Gin grins again

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I have an oooold tutorial on DA that I really ought to delete - DA lost a bunch of uploaded files some time back, and I never found a copy of my tut to re-upload to the site. I've got links in the description to similar tutorials, but periodically get people complaining that they can't download it. Like today, where the comment I got was:
I left the obvious response:

(As an aside, I managed to type "blockquote" as "blcoqkuote".)
Sanzo - bike

Over a year...

...since I last posted on bike-riding. I've not really kept up with it since I moved into this place and broke the habit, but am attempting to get back to it, so I shall start posting again. Especially since I've now got the arthritis in my foot, so walking isn't something I'm going to be able to pick up on a serious basis right now.

So: same rules as before - the goal is 20 minutes a day, every day. I'm counting yesterday into today's post, just to make myself feel good.* I've never gotten around to replacing the electronic readout thingy on the bike, so I'm still going by my previous mileage - 3.5 mi/20 min.**

20 min. yesterday and today 7 mi. Total: 744 From Rivendell: 267 mi Mountains getting closer. Camping.

* Which is important!

** I also don't increase the amount of time I'm on the bike as I get more fit; I increase the resistance instead. Longer than 20 min tends to be exceedingly boring. My resistance has lowered enough in the past year that I shall not put it here, as it's embarassingly low. :D