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a frog the size of texas

June 22nd, 2009

08:09 am - Mystery fiction with skeptics?

I asked a question at the end of my phone post yesterday, but as I'd started the phone post with warnings about spoilers for the book I was reviewing, I figure maybe the resounding lack of any sort of response whatsoever might have something to do with people getting scared off. (And, actually, it turns out the spoilers weren't so spoilery. :D)

So here's a cut-and-paste of the question from the transcripts:
Leading on from that, on my drive home which I'm still on, hence the phone post instead of a text post or anything like that, I was listening to my skeptic podcasts and I'm wondering if there are any detective novels starring skeptics. Not skeptics like the proper sketicas all detectives ought to be, but like in the modern skeptical movement. You see a little bit of it in the TV show "The Mentalist". House is a bit of a skeptic, that kind of thing. If anyone knows, let me know. Thanks.”
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08:44 am

More AutoShoujo titles:

cut if you don't want to get sucked inCollapse )

11:52 am - One more AutoShoujo title

There Can Be Only One Fighting Castle

*dies laughing*

01:16 pm

Today The Big Picture celebrates dance in its many forms and meanings.

02:44 pm - Random thought--

--if I enter DA's Kick Your Own @ss contest, which of my older works should I redo? DA gallery here - they're in reverse chronological order, so you'd have to page to the end to look at the oldest.

Not sure I'll actually enter unless I get fired up with an idea that won't let me go, mostly because I need to be doing commissions right now :D But it's nice to have options for things to do - I do AMAZING amounts of work when procrastinating other things.

Also! It looks like the contest for the AutoShoujo generator is moving forward! Thanks to rayechu, I've got the basic idea down, and we're working out the details, and should be announcing the contest within a week! :D And speaking of which, anyone want to sponsor the $10 third prize? wintersweet and I are covering the 1st and 2nd already - $30 and $20 in Amazon, or Dick Blick gift certificates or Paypal cash - but the 3rd is so far free. If nobody volunteers, that's OK as we can run with two winners instead of 3. The only thing is, if you donate the prize, you can't enter the contest due to a conflict of interest. :)

P.S. "Go! Fight! Waltz University"

05:30 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 754 mi. From Rivendell: 277.5 mi. Road climbing higher.

(Edited because I realized I'd managed to subtract miles from my total last time instead of adding. XD Arithmetic and I do not always get along.)

05:46 pm

Early 20th century books covers from Japan.

(What? Save up all my links through the day and make one big post? BAH!)
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