June 28th, 2009

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Autoshoujo Cover Contest!

Announcing today because it's either do this or do my dishes and I think we all know which wins out.

(ETA: I have a FAQ section on the annuncement on DA that will get added to as questions come up.)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to Wintersweet's AutoShoujo Random Title Generator, pick a title, imagine a series/story based on that title, and to create a picture depicting the FRONT AND BACK COVER for either a DVD, manga, or book of the story you imagined. This should be your artwork, concept, and characters, not fan art or using anyone else's work.

The front cover should have the title you used on it, and the back cover should have a short blurb describing the story in such a way as to make people want to read or watch it. Look at the backs of manga, books, and DVDs to see how that's done.

Successful entries will be ones that show evidence in the art and back-cover blurb that the creator(s) has thought hard about the story and characters. Technical skill is less important than making us want to read or watch this story!


1st prize: $30 gift certificate to Amazon.com, or dickblick.com, or cash via Paypal.
2nd prize: $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com, or dickblick.com, or cash via Paypal.
3rd prize: $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com, or dickblick.com, or cash via Paypal.

Deadline: Sunday, August 16th.

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Waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can go to the grocery store (I have a complex that it'll break and start spewing water all over the floor the moment I shut the door if I leave), so playing with the AutoShoujo Title Generator some more (addictive!).

Happy Haunted Candy
Sword of Blue Service
Soft Cherry Bouquet
Spirit Autumn Legend
Our Amnesiac Restaurant
To Strawberry!
Shinigami Royal Cake
Heaven's Sweet Maid*
Death God's Firefly Promises**
Snow-White Green Tea Cafe
Daughter of Poison Time
Shinigami Demon 999
Welcome to Perfect Gentleman
Happy Fruit Matsuri ***
The Portrait of Road
Land of Celestial Pirates
Hot Gothic Girlfriend
A Cup of Elf Confessions ****
Snow-White December Roses

* Obviously one of those stories where a mysterious person shows up in someone's life and helps them fix it, then vanishes. This time it's someone who claims to work for a maid service, but who may be a celestial maiden in disguise.

** Is it possible to trust a shinigami?

*** I think I'm getting hungry now.

**** A LotR doujinshi, I fear.