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a frog the size of texas

June 29th, 2009

12:47 pm

Got to work late, as that migraine was still here this morning. (now mostly gone, except for a nagging ache in the back of my head, arg.)

cicer used the AutoShoujo Title Generator to come up with a few titles and gave them one-line descriptions, and I again found that knowing shoujo story conventions, it's amazingly easy to come up with an expanded description. XD I'm reposting my comment to her here.

cut for story descriptionCollapse )

01:44 pm - Hee!

Last night I made a news entry at DA for the AutoShoujo Cover Contest, and I'm really enjoying the comments to it, because so many of them seems to be on the order of "I wasn't going to do it, then I got [insert title here] and now I HAVE to do it!" XD

04:19 pm

I just found someone on DA who is charging way too little for her commissions - if you're looking to commission some artwork, head her way!

Now all I have to do is come up with something for someone to draw... :/

(Or try any of the artists I've got listed in my "Accepting Commissions" section of my DA journal footer.)

04:36 pm - First entry!

Our first entry into the AutoShoujo Cover Contest has been submitted!

Oh, man, it's going to be tough to judge the entries, I can tell already!

Cut because I couldn't stay away from the generator and wanted to remember these titlesCollapse )

06:54 pm - Hah!

I suspect [info - personal]rachelmanija will appreciate this ad that's now showing up on the side in my LJ comment notifications about the AutoShoujo contest.

cut to prevent them from getting much more keyword trafficCollapse )

07:15 pm

As long as we're running the AutoShoujo contest, you will probably be subjected to lists of titles from me, as I am WEAK WEAK WEAK and cannot resist it. But I shall cut it for your sanity.Collapse )
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