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a frog the size of texas

July 7th, 2009

08:29 am - Proofreading is Good!

Otherwise you end up with sentences like this one, about the evolution of a type of deer with an aquatic affinity:
All belong to the ancient ruminant family Tragulidae, which split some 50 years ago from other ruminants, the group that went on to evolve into cattle, goats, sheep, deer and antelope.

08:44 am - This morning...

...Sora was all worked up over dogs barking - probably a couple of streets away as they were pretty faint - and growled a lot at them. And his paranoia infected Nefer, who growled a few times as well. They ended up sitting on the back of the sofa together, each pretending not to notice the other one. Which is good, as they haven't snuggled together since the weather's gotten hot, and most of their interactions have been fighting with each other. (Nefer mostly lives under the bed where it's cool and the fan doesn't ruffle her fur, and Sora lives wherever I am, as he is a huge, honking mama's boy.)

09:22 am - By the way...

...if you're in the US and took out variable-rate student loans before July 1 2006, and haven't consolidated them yet, now's the time to do it - your Stafford loan rates could go as low as 2%.

09:32 am

Aaaand one last post, pointing out this article in the New York Times, lamenting that nobody's preserving a postwar architectural tower block in Japan. Apparently the residents, who voted to knock the thing down and build a new building, don't count.

"And when does its cultural importance trump practical considerations?" I say this even after working in an architecture slide collection for five years: when the residents hate the damn building.

But I am, perhaps, merely a plebe and unable to appreciate the cultural and architectural importance of a building falling apart around the ears of the residents. (I am, it has to be admitted, not much of a fan of Japanese postwar architecture. :D)

12:45 pm - arg!

ETA: Answer found, thanks to tool_of_satan!

For some reason, in the install of IE 7 over on the server I admin, this page wants to load the Windows Media Player 6.4 Shim, but not on the IE 7 install over on my own computer. I can find NOTHING on that page that would involve loading Windows Media Player in any way, shape, or form. It's not in the code for the two widgets on the side, and it's not in any of the individual blog posts, because the thing still shows up even when I remove them. Aargh.

Anyone else having that problem in IE?

06:49 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 778.5 mi. From Rivendell: 302 mi. Still heading west.
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