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a frog the size of texas

July 8th, 2009

09:07 am

And three more entries in the AutoShoujo Cover Contest! All from the same person, and she's got that YA photographic-cover vibe happening.

(My coworker came up with Akhihabara Amnesiac Story when he tried the generator. XD)

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11:43 am

Checking the server stats for magatsu.net, I notice that the AWESOMETASTIC MANGA OF AWESOMENESS post about the ekiben otaku manga has surprisingly been my most popular post in this month to date. Someone must have linked to it (a quick Google search reveals three links that don't seem to load for me; dunno if there's others.)

And in other stats new, Kenpachi-chan has made another appearance, this time on a forum in ... Turkish? I think? And the poster was definitely trying to get the Renji pic, as it's labeled "ya renji abari." :D

Kenpachi-chan is also on a page where I think he's supposed to be, as it's a forum post about Kenpachi. :D It's in Spanish, though, so I can't say for sure.

11:51 am

And while continuing to peruse stats, I found a forum thread talking about artist alleys, where someone typoed "violent confrontation" as "violet confrontation," which inevitably led to thoughts of shoujo-style fights in artist alleys, with the air full of violet petals.

12:07 pm

This deserves a separate post instead of just editing a previous one. This is a selection of the hits I've gotten this month to date on the Project Blue Rose website.

(P.S.: This is not an invitation to try to game my stats by finding strange search terms - I use the stats to see how people are finding the site so I can figure out how to sell them stuff, and that muddies the info I get. And to make up for destroying your fun, I'll say the strangest search phrase for magatsu.net this month so far is "keyong exercise for the pennis.")

01:53 pm - Texans!

There's a vacancy on the State Board of Education. I would highly encourage you, if you share many of my opinions in the matter, to send a message to the governor that you support appointing a candidate who is scientifically literate and committed to the education of children over political machinations. Article on the current wrangling.

USAians who are not Texans, why should you be interested? Because Texas is so huge, it is one of the states whose textbook picks drive the textbooks available in the rest of the US - it's such a big market that the publishers craft their books to its standards. So: Texas votes against having evolution in its textbooks? Congratulations: it's out of all of your books, too.

This has been a momentary lapse of apathy. Back to your normally-scheduled ennui.

ETA: It won't hurt, and might help, to send the same message to your state rep and state senator.

05:59 pm - Picspam!

Kittyspam, new haircut, and button display board. :)

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06:09 pm

[info - personal]rachelmanija has a post about a fundraising auction for the Virginia Avenue Project, a mentoring group for kids in LA which has recently lost funding.
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