July 10th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

Tokyo in Tulsa, day 1

Drove 5 hours to Tulsa today. Managed to find my hotel, no thanks to Google Maps who route you around downtown as if there weren't this GIANT NEW CONVENTION CENTER right on top of the streets they tell you to drive down. Was not expecting my hotel to be quite this nice, as I bid $50/night on Priceline and got it. :D I'm at the Crowne Plaza. After checking in, I went down to the (old) Convention Center where the con is being held, and checked in with no fuss. Stayed a couple of hours but between having found parking in a garage that was closing at 6:30 and being incredibly tired and hungry, I decided that cutting out early and heading for food and sleep was the better pat of valor, as if I ende dup with a migraine from lack of food and sleep, I wouldn't be able to sell on Saturday.

Sold 3 things right off the bat before I finished setting up, then ... nothing. Ah well. The person next to me said that last year, Friday was really busy, and it was very quiet today*. I suspect it's having the same problems as all cons are this year. We'll see how I do Sat and Sun - I'll decide later if I think it'll be worth coming back next year.

Just had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Was expecting the hotel prices. Was not expecting the amazingly good food. I had chicken piccata, and it was the best-cooked chicken piccata I have ever had in my entire life. And while I paid almost $10 for a glass of wine, it came in a little carafe that held a bit closer to 2 glasses than 1.** So while I paid hotel prices for the meal, I ended up with fine-dining quality. I may have dinner tomorrow here - there was a skirt steak on the menu that I decided not to get for fear of it not being cooked correctly (it's tough if you don't get it right), but now I have a lot more confidence.

The exhibit hall with the dealers' room and artist alley opens tomorrow at 10, but we can get in at 9. My entire goal for tonight is to stay awake until 9PM, then crash. I may even indulge in breakfast tomorrow down in the restaurant. :D

* Except for the guy who drove a motorcycle around the exhibit hall. The inside of the exhibit hall. There was, inexplicably, some sort of motorcycle display on the other side.

* My Washington, DC and NY readers are now laughing at me for thinking $10/glass of wine and $20/entree is extremely expensive, :D It is, down here in the heartland!