July 11th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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“This is my not entirely original thought upon watching the Ganguro table across from me for a while. In Japan, Ganguro comes across as a rejection of traditional Japanese feminine beauty. In America Ganguro comes across as black face. That has been your thought for the day.”

Transcribed by: strigine
Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Con very slow. Two reasons: (1) the economy, so all cons are slow this year. (2) the dealers' room and artist alley is over in the Conference Center, all the panels are over in the hotel, and to get from one to the other requires going up one floor to get to the parking garage, and then going down one floor to get to the skyway to the convention center. Hence people don't hang out in the AA or dealers' room between panels, and don't do impulse shopping.

Also, the AA and dealers' room are in the same space, so they both shut down at 7, so the AA people can't pick up sales and commissions by staying late, after the main programming. I have finally hit the break-even point, but probably won't be making much of a profit here this year. Will reserve judgement as to next year until later.

Had another very nice dinner in the hotel restaurant tonight, and got carrot cake to go. Of course the very nice young man who waited on me didn't pack any UTENSILS with it, so I am resorting to using two coffee stirrers like chopsticks to eat this because I don't want to go downstairs and badger them.

Now I have to get offline and finish a commission I picked up - I normally don't do them at cons, but the sales were so slow I threw up a commissions sign just to get some extra cash.