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a frog the size of texas

July 16th, 2009

12:26 pm - Mmmmm

I took off part of the morning as last night myrialux and I went to see the latest Harry Potter. Short review: better than 5.

So I got int to work after an eminently satisfying lunch at an old-school lunchy place nearby called the Old Swiss Pastry Shop. Old-school in that a lot of the clientele are Ladies Who Lunch, the waitresses spend time gossiping with the old-timers, the sandwiches arrive with nothing but meat and bread and, sitting beside them on the plate, a slice of tomato, a pickle spear, and if you're lucky, a small slice of lettuce. There are also Plates on the menu: Chicken Salad Plate, Tuna Salad Plate, etc. I have not ordered any of them, but I suspect that if I did, it would arrive accompanied by an ice-cream-scoop of cottage cheese reposing upon a lettuce leaf. It's that sort of old-school place.

But the soup is good - today I had a half-sandwich of Black Forest Ham and a cup of tortilla soup - and they have a tempting spread of pastries at the front of the shop, so I left accompanied by a humongous chocolate eclair, which is reposing in the office fridge until I can take it home and consume it in a decadently sensuous experience in the privacy of my own home, as should properly be done.

And it shall be accompanied by lots of reading, as I have a huge Amazon order arriving today funded in part by survey rewards and in part by faithfully collecting my change until I took a plastic container of it in to the CoinStar machine in my local supermarket and converted it into an Amazon gift certificate. :D

I do have net access back at home, if I didn't mention that already. YAY

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01:45 pm - Autoshoujo!

More contest entries posted, if you haven't been watching the page! :D

What I find really funny is that although I've used the generator enough to feel that I've seen every possible permutation, these contest entries are always titles that are completely new to me. XD

Cut for more titles, natchCollapse )

02:14 pm - Yum

Strobist, the lighting blog for photographers, has been running a boot camp, where you get an assignment and shoot it, upload it to Flickr, and the winner gets some sort of prize. The current boot camp is on food photography, and the finalists are delicious.

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04:04 pm

The break room here, being in a library, has a rack where people abandon books they've finished reading and no longer want. There were three romances there, two from 1996 and one from 1982. One's a Harlequin Superromance, one's a paranormal, and one's an historical.

If anyone dares read them, based on that simple description, let me know and I'll mail 'em to ya, free of charge. :)

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