July 16th, 2009

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I took off part of the morning as last night myrialux and I went to see the latest Harry Potter. Short review: better than 5.

So I got int to work after an eminently satisfying lunch at an old-school lunchy place nearby called the Old Swiss Pastry Shop. Old-school in that a lot of the clientele are Ladies Who Lunch, the waitresses spend time gossiping with the old-timers, the sandwiches arrive with nothing but meat and bread and, sitting beside them on the plate, a slice of tomato, a pickle spear, and if you're lucky, a small slice of lettuce. There are also Plates on the menu: Chicken Salad Plate, Tuna Salad Plate, etc. I have not ordered any of them, but I suspect that if I did, it would arrive accompanied by an ice-cream-scoop of cottage cheese reposing upon a lettuce leaf. It's that sort of old-school place.

But the soup is good - today I had a half-sandwich of Black Forest Ham and a cup of tortilla soup - and they have a tempting spread of pastries at the front of the shop, so I left accompanied by a humongous chocolate eclair, which is reposing in the office fridge until I can take it home and consume it in a decadently sensuous experience in the privacy of my own home, as should properly be done.

And it shall be accompanied by lots of reading, as I have a huge Amazon order arriving today funded in part by survey rewards and in part by faithfully collecting my change until I took a plastic container of it in to the CoinStar machine in my local supermarket and converted it into an Amazon gift certificate. :D

I do have net access back at home, if I didn't mention that already. YAY

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The break room here, being in a library, has a rack where people abandon books they've finished reading and no longer want. There were three romances there, two from 1996 and one from 1982. One's a Harlequin Superromance, one's a paranormal, and one's an historical.

If anyone dares read them, based on that simple description, let me know and I'll mail 'em to ya, free of charge. :)

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